Welcome to the English Language Institute


Wes Watkins Center:

The English Language Insititute is housed in the beautiful Wes Watkins Center, a state-of-the-art facility which is a hub of international activity on the OSU campus. Numerous workshops, seminars, lectureships, and global briefings are presented in the building throughout the year by national and international figures. ELI students are often invited to participate in these events and thus have excellent opportunities to interact with guests from the Stillwater and OSU communities, representatives of business and industry, and government officials.

The Wes Watkins Center

Student Housing:

Housing is readily available in Stillwater. Students may live in apartments either on or off campus or in one of the attractive and comfortable campus residence halls. It is also possible to rent houses near the university.

Other Facilities for ELI Students:

ELI students have all the privileges of regularly enrolled OSU students. These include access to the University Hospital, the Edmond Low Library, the Colvin Physical Education Center, the Student Union, and university computer labs. ELI students are also eligible to attend sports and cultural events at student rates.